Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

Thoughts from the final moments of the third Arvamusfestival

We listened and spoke up, we danced and laughed (to the beat of 90s music, no less), we connected… the Arvamusfestival may be over for this year, but it certainly will not rest and keep still, thanks to the sheer enthusiasm, ideas and collaborations it sparked. The third Arvamusfestival ended on a high note on Saturday

Grand Designs: Arvamus Festival Best Stand

Some of the stands at the Arvamus festival weren’t just about the speakers taking part in the debate,

The Arvamus Festival and Why We’re Getting Smarter

When out last night in Paide, I noticed an unusual thing. Young people, battling in the street. It

A short guide to the dogs attending the festival

When the Arvamusfestival says it is open to everyone in Estonia and beyond, one’s first thought usually would not

Lunch @ Arvamus: Hamburger

The Arvamus Festival food options continue to excite and enthrall. Having been pleasantly-surprised by the flavoursome beetroot-dominated veggie

Won’t the Young Estonians Please Stand Up?

The Arvamus Festival isn’t only about the topics that make us ponder deeply about our existence. It’s also

Three reasons to wake up at the Arvamusfestival instead of your home

If your feet have recovered from all the retro dancing at the Must Puudel (Black Poodle) party last

Start-ups in Estonia: should society fear or embrace them?

Estonia has long dedicated itself to building a reputation as a haven for all things tech, encapsulated by the

Five Reasons Why the Arvamus Festival is Awesome

1. Diversity of Debate With a speaking area for every taste, the Arvamus Festival has thrown up some

The Festival of Opinion Culture off to a spirited start

The third Festival of Opinion Culture has been spreading its wings on Paide Vallimägi since early this week,

Great Expectations for the Arvamus Festival 2015

You’ve arrived at the Arvamus Festival, and you’re excited about what you’re about to see, but what should

The Festival of Opinion Culture Reveals the Promise of Volunteering and Collaboration

During the last twenty-five years, Estonia has made significant strides in terms of economic development and integration with international organizations such as the EU, NATO and the OECD. At the same time, according to the World Happiness Report issued by the United Nations Social Development Network (UNSDN), Estonia ranks 72nd among 156 countries in terms

Digital competence or digital poisoning?

The changes brought about by the digital society not only affect teaching and learning, but also the digital competence of employees – however the latter has not yet been clearly defined. It isn’t even clear, where the line runs between digital competence and digital poisoning, but the opinion festival’s digital education area discussions will hopefully

What’s this festival album business all about?

Those who attended last year’s festival can revisit those memories from velvety August nights by browsing through the

Opinion Culture Festival’s program is complete!

The Opinion Culture Festival’s website now features the full festival program – 36 discussion areas will host approximately